Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Foreign Key Data Selection (Windows & Linux)

Foreign Key Data Selection allows you to get the foreign key value from the reference table easily. It significantly reduces the time that would take to look for available values from the master table.

Select the child table
Set the foreign key constraint in “Design Table”
Select the “Foreign Key” tab and add the key

Open the table in table view

Click on this button to open the data selection window

It shows 100 records per page by default. You can right-click anywhere on the grid and select “Show All” to show all available values.

Click on the “Setting” button will show additional columns of the master table
Then select the column name on the left panel.

If you want to search for particular records, just enter a value into the edit box and click the “Filter” button.

Double-click to select the desired data and value to be inserted in the table view.

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