Thursday, April 15, 2010

Navicat™ Version 9 is released!!!

We are glad to announce the immediate release of version 9 for the whole Navicat™ family, including:

- Navicat™ Premium
- Navicat™ for MySQL
- Navicat™ for SQLite
- Navicat™ for Oracle
- Navicat™ for PostgreSQL

To meet the wishes of Navicat customers and the demand of managing SQLite database server through a GUI, Navicat for SQLite is introduced to the Navicat family in this launch. Navicat for SQLite provides SQLite users a tool for administering and managing database objects as well as for database migration, data import, export, synchronization, reporting, and more.

With the launch of Navicat for SQLite, database connectivity to SQLite servers is also added to Navicat Premium. Navicat Premium unites all Navicat family members for database administration and development, into one powerful and easy-to-use work environment. With the new Navicat Premium version 9, users can connect to 4 of the most common databases including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite within one single application, making cross-database data management feasible.

In addition to the introduction of Navicat for SQLite, another significant feature improvement to version 9 is the introduction of PL/SQL debugger in Navicat for Oracle. The PL/SQL debugger lets users debug their code easily, it helps to avoid tedious PL/SQL debugging tasks, saving time and improving the overall quality of applications.

New Key features:

- Support of SQLite
- Oracle PL/SQL Debugger
- Enhanced Code Completion
- Code Formatter
- Code outline
- Recovery of Documents from crashes
- Shortcut to open official online documents
- Option to show query results below query editor
- Storing favorite actions as shortcut
- Enhanced User Interface

Navicat Premium starts from US$199, currently available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux supporting simultaneous connections to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLite databases.

For more details, please see the release notes at
Or, download the 30-day fully functional free trial at:

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