Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Did you know that a copy of Navicat is downloaded approximately every 2 mintues?

With 6 years of history in the market, Navicat has been downloaded for over 2 million times, in average, a copy of Navicat is downloaded every?2 mintues. Our products are not only loved?by so many web masters and developers, but also loved by professionals from academic bodies, governments and enterprises?in 138 countries.

Our success is based on our willingness to listen to our customers. Comments from our customers are highly regarded and?treated in top priority.

Here are what some of our customers say:

“It is an excellent tool that allows me to design all aspects of a MySQL DB’s. That of course I could also do with the free MySQL GUI-tools or phpMyAdmin….The real values of Navicat are?editing of tables in an Excel type fashion,?import/export from/to many function ,?migration of DB’s from one server to another …” – By Proenen, Hanns, General Electric

” The main problem Navicat is solving for me is creating the queries in a fast. The query builder helps tremendously with that – and I haven? seen any other tool that helps me create my queries for MySql… ” – By Ed Garcia, Standford University

“Navicat has a good user interface and it has perfect multitasking usability. It helps very much for our department to generate new reports. Thank you for that nice tool. ” – By Karl Hogerl, Toshiba

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