Monday, August 17, 2009

We are extending our product offerings for Linux Users

We are happy to extend our support to Linux users of Oracle and PostgreSQL Databases and released the following new versions for users who are looking for a comprehensive database administration tools under Linux platform:

• Navicat Premium v.8.2.12 (Linux)
• Navicat for MySQL v.8.2.12 (Linux)
• Navicat for Oracle v.8.2.12 (Linux)
• Navicat for PostgreSQL v.8.2.12 (Linux)

These releases mark a complete Navicat product offering to the Linux users. Linux users can now experience the comprehensive database administration for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle with Navicat.

Navicat Premium is a multi-connections Database Administration tool allowing you to connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle databases simultaneously within a single application, making database administration to multiple kinds of database so easy. Navicat Premium combines the functions of other Navicat members together with below great features:
- Support of multi-connections to MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle servers.
- Support of transferring data across various database systems.
- Ability to transfer data to a text file with designated SQL format.
- Support of running profiles from different servers in a single schedule job.

New Features:
Support of latest MySQL versions
- Compatible with any MySQL server version.
- Support all MySQL objects: tables, views, stored procedures/functions and events.
- Support all sub-objects: fields, indices, foreign keys and triggers.
- Support of partitioning.
- Support of Unicode / Character Set.

Support of latest Oracle versions
- Support Oracle version 8.1, 9i, 10g and 11g.
- Support all Oracle objects: tables (Normal, External and Index Organized), views, procedures/functions.
- Support all sub-objects: fields, indices, foreign keys, uniques, checks and triggers.
- Managing directories, tablespaces, public database links and public synonyms.
- Managing database links, indices, java, materialized views, materialized view logs, packages, sequences, synonyms, triggers, types, XML Schema and Recycle Bin.

- Support of physical attributes.
- Support of Unicode/Character Set.
Support of latest PostgreSQL versions
- Support PostgreSQL Server version 7.3 to 8.3.
- Support all PostgreSQL objects: tables, views and functions.
- Support all sub-objects: fields, indices, foreign keys, uniques, checks, rules and triggers.
- Managing tablespace, cast and languages.
- Managing aggregates, conversions, domains, trigger functions, operators and classes, sequences and types.
- Support of character set and Unicode.

Connection options
- Support of password and public/private key for SSH Tunnel.
- Support of HTTP Tunnel for MySQL and PostgreSQL Servers.
- Support SSL secure connection for MySQL and PostgreSQL 8.4 above.
Well-designed user interface
- Grid View and Form View support.
- Virtual Grouping for connections and objects.
Powerful Data Manipulation Tools
- Import and Export tool.
- Data Transfer tool.
- Data and Structure synchronization.
- Backup and Restore.
- Ability to set schedule on backup, query execution, import/export, data transfer and data synchronization.
- Ability to attach Export Wizard/Report result files in Batch Job notification email.

SQL Processing
- Visual query/view builder to facilitate the process of building complicated queries.
- Ability to create parameter queries.
- Multiple SQL editors with syntax highlighted feature.
- Code completion for SQL editors.
- Ability to preview SQL before execution.
- Support to return multi-resultsets.
Download the 30-day Free Trial

To try the new Linux version of Navicat, please download the trial version at:
Navicat for Oracle v8.2 (Linux)
URL 1:
Navicat for PostgreSQL v8.2 (Linux)
URL 1:

For more details, please see the release notes at
Or, download the 30-day fully functional free trial at:

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