Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Navicat now comes in new colors

If you have noticed, we have revamped our website with a new style few months ago and today we have published the new look for Navicat boxsets too. This changes give Navicat a more clean and fresh feeling.

Our team has always been very devoted on delivering the best products to the market. Our idea to launch a new brand identity for Navicat, is to recognize the progression of our products and the Company as we entering the 10th year of our business. 

This also show our team dedication  on making new things and have new ideas as always.

Our new website provides  user with a clearer and easier navigation, allowing users to find information quicker than before.  The content is also simplified and important information is emphasized, to let you understand our product within the shortest time.

In the new site, we also include a guided product tour for people to have a quick overview on how Navicat can help in managing their database.

Our next plan is to work on a part, which will include many useful video clips to introduce features which you may not know inside Navicat, and to introduce some popular features in Navicat.
Please keep an eye on us and we will announce when the is launched.

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