Monday, September 5, 2011

Navicat™ version 10 is released

PremiumSoft today announces the immediate release of version 10 for the whole Navicat™ family, including:

- Navicat™ Premium
- Navicat™ for MySQL
- Navicat™ for SQL Server
- Navicat™ for PostgreSQL
- Navicat™ for Oracle
- Navicat™ for SQLite

In this new release, PremiumSoft has introduced the Data Modeling Tool in the Enterprise Editions of Navicat. This marks a more complete feature offering for database professionals by Navicat.

With Navicat Data Modeling Tool, it allows user to create graphical representations of a relational database. The Reverse Engineer in Navicat Data Modeling Tool allows user to create a conceptual model from an existing database and graphically visualize and edit the structure of the database. Or, user can graphically create a conceptual model, and generate a database that supports the model.

In addition to creating conceptual model from database, Navicat Data Modeling also allows user to compare and synchronize between Models and Databases and generate SQL/ DDL Scripts. This new Navicat Database Modeling Tool is added to the Enterprise Editions of Navicat and Navicat Premium.

Another important enhancements made in version 10 includes the introduction of ER Diagram View, the powerful Database Wise Search and SQL Code Minifier.

Besides adding new features to version 10 of Navicat, PremiumSoft has also made various changes on the software licensing and pricing.

Enterprise edition of Navicat has been introduced to Navicat for MySQL, Navicat for SQL Server, Navicat for Oracle, Navicat for PostgreSQL and Navicat for SQLite on their Mac OS versions and Linux versions.

Navicat Premium which supports multiple database server type connection is now priced at US$599 for windows, US$549 for Macintosh and US$499 for Linux. It’s also available as non-commercial licenses at US$249. Navicat is also available for any one particular database server type with prices starting from US$79. For detailed pricing on Navicat, please visit our Online Store.

For more details, please see the release notes at
Or, download the 30-day fully functional free trial at:

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