Monday, October 24, 2011

Navicat Essentials is now available at Mac App Store!

We are so happy to let you know we have released Navicat Essentials for sale in Mac App Store. The Mac App Store allows you to buy our software, download, and install the app within a few simple steps. You can also easily update our apps instantly whenever there is an update available.

What is Navicat Essentials?
Navicat Essentials is a compact version of Navicat which provides basic and necessary features you will need to perform simple administration on a database. It supports the latest features including Trigger, Function, View, and it also comes with an Import/Export tool which allow user to Import and export data from plain text file formats including TXT, CSV and XML.

Navicat Essentials is for Commercial use and is sold only from Mac App Store. Currently, Navicat Essentials is available for MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLite databases. If you need to administer all the above database servers at the same time, there is also Navicat Premium Essentials which allows you to access multiple database servers within one single application.

Updates and Upgrades
Our standard upgrade policy provides customers who bought from our Navicat Online Store free minor updates and a discounted upgrade license on major upgrades. However, the Mac App Store currently does not support upgrade pricing, so we can only allow customers who bought from our Navicat online store to buy an upgrade license for major upgrade.

Customer who bought from Mac App Store will only be able to get free updates within the same version number (i.e 10.0.1, 10.0.2, 10.0.13, etc). However, the updates for the Mac App Store purchases may be delayed slightly, depending on Apple’s review process.

The Mac App Store does not share with us on the end user information who has bought our products, so we are not able to identify your purchase within the Navicat customer database if you buy from Mac App Store. You will also not be able to access our Navicat Customer Center for self-help customer service, or buying upgrade license from us.

Selling of other Navicat family members
Besides from launching Navicat Essentials in Mac App Store, we will continue to offer sales of the other Navicat family members through our own Navicat Online Store. Through buying from our online store, customers are provided with more flexible terms and offerings such as trial copies, upgrade licenses, discounts for educational licenses and volume discounts, etc.

Navicat Online Store vs Mac App Store
Whether to buy from Navicat Online Store is totally your own choice. Buying from Navicat Online Store allows you more flexibility on licensing terms, upgrade paths, customer services and you will also be notified for any upcoming beta releases and promotions. While buying from Mac App Store gives you the conveniences for managing all the apps you bought, and easier download and installation.

No matter which way you choose to purchase Navicat, we hope you do enjoy using Navicat to manage your database and love it.

For any other concern or questions, please email us at

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