Thursday, November 17, 2011

Share your experience with us in Navicat

Customer feedback has always been very important to us. It gives us good motivation and insight to produce good software. We have recently received a very good user feedback from one of our customers, who works for one of the largest technology companies worldwide, which designs and sells consumer electronics, networking, voice, and communications technology and services. Here is the comment:

“ I have been using Navicat in a windows environment for the last two years to administer our Development PostgreSQL Databases scattered across the enterprise.

For easier access to our Dev servers, Navicat has SSH tunneling built into the product. This makes it easy to use in our highly firewalled/proxied Linux environments.

I am not an SQL expert, so the GUI tools are great for a few things:

- Creating adhoc queries across multiple tables with complex joins
- Administering access rights to our tables for our application users
- Creating views into the tables for “routine” queries
- Doing basic operations like table truncation or even editing rows in a table – Importing/exporting tables easily (usually to Excel data files and back, but many formats are supported)

Yes, there is a free PGAdmin tool that comes with PostgreSQL, but it does not have nearly the functionality that Navicat does, especially for query building.

Installing and updating the software periodically has been a breeze.

I have always regretted not buying the full version with Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL support. I also access some Oracle databases, as is “Standard” at our company, but for some reason, I could never get Toad to work on my machine. Navicat would give me a uniform interface to all of my data – I imagine this would make my life a lot easier.
So – spend the money and buy the tool – it’s been a great investment for me.” – Anton

If you also have some thoughts of Navicat which you want to share with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know and let other people knows about the good thing of Navicat. Please email us at our Support Center.

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